The Nottholm Meeting (al-Khazir, La Libera & Momotsuu)

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The Nottholm Meeting (al-Khazir, La Libera & Momotsuu)

Post by al-Khazir on Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:08 am

A meeting has been proposed by al-Khazir to La Libera and Momotsuu. It is to be held in the al-Khazir's capital in the Royal Palace, and is due to occur once all parties state their decision on whether to meet up or not.

An official invitation has been sent out:

Dear officials,

The Department of Foreign Affairs, of the Sultanate of al-Khazir, sends you this letter in hope of future cooperation.

We hope that you accept our invitation to a meeting that is to be held in the Royal Palace, within our capital.
On the meeting, we plan on discussing various subjects that involve our nations. The topics of the subjects include political, military and, most importantly, economical patterns. The main focus of the meeting would evolve around the idea of creating a unique economical association in the region.

Your great nations are among the finest, and it would be a great pleasure to us to have associates and partners such as yourselves.

We look forward to hearing from you on this subject.

Thank you,

Minister Azzan Hassiri,
Sultanate of al-Khazir


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