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Post by Benuhal on Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:30 pm

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General Info

Official Name of Nation: The Tribal Federation of Benuhal
Shortened Name: Benuhal (ben-NEW-hall)
Formation: Landsend Pact 1345, The Mar'kashin Accord 1506
Government: Tribal Federation, Semi Autonomous States
-High Councillor: Lo'meric Itilmera
-Heads Of State: Mi'kash Ashimba, O'lani Tuntusee, Jem Kyna, Bes'kali Luanda, Ben'shami Lamdua, Gamb'lin Tutanma
Currency: Jule (Benuhal Factbook Untitled-1_zps32b034f2)
Area: 550 789 km2
Population: 6 764 667 people
Density: 12.3 people/km2
National Motto: To each man, freedom
National Animal: The Delta Raven
National Plant: Aquilegia
National Holidays:
Capital City: To'mai
Largest City: To'mai
Official Language: Sash'ka (Trade Language), State Languages
Religion: 74% Ashai'heta, 10% Sunni Islamic, 7% Animist, 6% Cathar, 3% Non-Religious
Drives: On the Right
Date Format: MM/DD/YY
Internet TLD: .ben
Calling Code: +45
Exchange Rates: $1 = 0.65 Jule
Major Industry: Tourism
Income Tax Rate: 85%
Gross Domestic Product: $270,447,324,661.11 (Not Yet Scaled)
GDP Per Capita: $32 077.60
Unemployment Rate: 4.18%
Comsumption: $15,869,854,246,502.40 (Not Yet Scaled)
Government Budget: $100,598,212,575,866.38 (Not Yet Scaled)
Government Expenditures: $97,580,266,198,590.38 (Not Yet Scaled)
Government Waste: $3,017,946,377,276.00 (Not Yet Scaled)
Government Efficiency: 97%
Imports: $13,253,519,343,616.00 (Not Yet Scaled)
Exports: $13,486,503,018,496.00 (Not Yet Scaled)
Trade Surplus: $2,002,220,129

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