La Libera embassy in Momotsuu

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La Libera embassy in Momotsuu Empty La Libera embassy in Momotsuu

Post by La Libera on Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:16 pm

This letter was received by the Momotsuu Foreign Relations Minister:

Dear Minister;

My name is Omipè Trìule, and I am the Foreign Relations Minister for the Great Republic of La Libera. First off, I hope this letter reaches you and your country in great health and prosperity, secondly, I am contacting you on orders straight from President Gindwarshki himself, requesting that we improve diplomatic relations between our two nations. We still have to pass a vote through our Governmental Committee, but that is in progress, and they are highly in favor of peace, so I assume that that will pass on through. On behalf of the people of both of our Nations, I propose the construction of a La Liberan embassy in Momotsuu. If you accept this offer, it would be great if I could receive a list of areas in which this embassy can be constructed. Also, I will need to get a list of items that our Ambassador and his Staff will be bringing into your country approved. But those can wait until you accept or deny my offer.

Please consider this proposition,
Omipè Trìule
La Libera Foreign Relations Minister

La Libera
La Libera

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