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Post by La Libera on Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:32 pm

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General Info

Official Name of Nation: The Republic of La Libera
Shortened Name: La Libera
Formation: Treaty of Southern Nottholm, in 1952
Government: Democratic, Constitutional Republic
-President: James Gindwarshki
-Vice President: Hanna Roshki
-Head of State/ Foreign Relations Minister: Omipè Trìule
-Head of Military: Matt Barnes
-Libera Sports Commissioner: Matt Rhowne
Currency: The Soldi (æ)
Area: 5,829,707 square miles
Population: 115,970,501 people
Density: 23 people/sq. mi.
National Motto: "Pax Defnit Libertas!"
National Animal: The Albatross
National Colors: Blue and Green
National Plant: The Sundew
National Holiday: November 2nd
Capital City: Phoenexia (Phuh-NEE-shi-uh)
Largest City: Amantika
Highest Elevation City: Altus City
Official Language: Libersk, like Latin
Religion: 69% Catholic, 19% Mormon, 11% Non-Religious, 1% Other Religion
Drives: On the Left
Date Format: MM/DD/YY
Internet TLD: .co.ll
Calling Code: +12
Exchange Rates: $1=1.82æ
Major Industry: Soda Sales (Very Happy)
Income Tax Rate: 2.7%, flat tax
Gross Domestic Product: $1,488,260,000,000.00
GDP Per Capita: $12,170.25
Unemployment Rate: 6.71%
Comsumption: $1,387,882,208.46
Government Budget: $190,351,949,076.89
Government Expenditures: $186,544,910,095.35
Government Waste: $3,807,038,981.54
Imports: $23,079,296,662.00
Exports: $25,081,516,791.00 (biggest soda maker in the region)
Trade Surplus: $2,002,220,129


The people of La Libera chose this flag because of the colors, and what they each represent.
The blue represents the freedom, and prosperity of the people of La Libera.
The green represents the large amounts of forest and how we value the environment in La Libera.
The white area of the flag shows that we are a naturally peaceful nation, who prefers to find a diplomatic solution rather than go to war, but the red star in the middle of the white shows that our people are very determined and will go to war if they have to.

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